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There’s simply no other word for this. (By the way, how cool is it that there are super professional group blogs that focus on such narrow subjects as transportation?) (Via Tim Blair) Advertisements

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The Partisan’s Credo

I am an empty vessel. I have no ideas and no intiatives of my own to enact. My only actions are in reaction to whatever my opponents have done. My only stance is to stand against my opponents’ positions. I … Continue reading

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Sunday Music Links / Anti-Drug Commercial

This is a great guitarist. (Though I should note he was already well on his way to dissolution at this point, and you can hear it in the weakness of his voice. Compare to a decade earlier¬†at the height of … Continue reading

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One Down. Several Tens Of Thousands To Go.

George Monbiot (!) on why the Fukushima situation has convinced him to support new nuclear¬†developments. Pull quote: A crappy old plant with inadequate safety features was hit by a monster earthquake and a vast tsunami. The electricity supply failed, knocking … Continue reading

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Sacred Feces

In English, “holy shit“. That’s what the cat is saying on the Barking Pumpkin logo. I finally broke down and just had to know what a Florentine Pogen was. At the link I found the answer, plus so much more … Continue reading

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Images of “The 50” inside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear generating station. Weird that they chose to juxtapose these photos with a protracted whinge about the admittedly non-existent threat the presumed meltdown poses on Europe and North America. You know, where … Continue reading

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Good Thing We Don’t Have Handguns in Canada

I bet she felt guilty for, like, minutes. (Via AoSHQ, a couple of times I think.)

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