Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn In Haiti

No, this not the premise for some ill-considered buddy movie and/or gay rom-com  that I dreamt up while high on peyote and tranquilizers. This one actually comes from the real world.

But Penn, who has spent most of the last year in the country working on earthquake relief, believes Sheen’s presence will bring a boost to Haiti.

As Brendan at WWTDD has repeatedly documented, Sean Penn has not spent the past year working on fixing shit in Haiti. In fact, according to his calculations Sean Penn has barely spent any time in Haiti at all, despite his constantly being credited in the entertainment press as spending all of his time and energy there, personally wiping the asses of cholera victims or whatever.

Bonus work: using Science, demonstrate the long term effects that so much smug self-regard and fail will have when concentrated together in such as small region of the space/time continuum, should this scenario come to pass.


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