The Mona Bone Jakon Connection

Since you`re all clamoring for confirmation [crickets chirping], I will only admit to mispelling the blog name on purpose, to avoid lawsuits and/or fatwas from the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.

Plus, my spelling is more accurate. And cooler.

That is all.


About mart2011

Everything about me is a fabrication. I'm a self-made man.
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2 Responses to The Mona Bone Jakon Connection

  1. Screamin' Len Sheldrake says:

    Well, you’ve done it again Mart. Nice work. You’re responsible for my having to clean not one, but two pairs of underwear after a double shat occured.

    The comments on your Edmonton road workers with no gear and no brains had me laughing until anything that resembled liquid came out of my nose. Then the first shat began…..

    A few other comments got me going but it wasn’t until I viewed the tape of Penn on CNN and read your notes on Sheen ect….that got my creative intestinal juices flowing yet again.

    While I cusp my arse to prevent leakage with one hand I hold my other hand tightly against my temples to avoid a very painfull headache from extreme laughter.

    Ya gotta spread this shit to everyone.

    By the way, we need to upload all the fork shit on the net. Unless it’s all already there.

    Ps. I’ve already helped myself to the refreshments.

    Whisker rubs…

  2. mart2011 says:

    Thanks Len.

    I’d just like to add here that monabonejackoff was already taken. Not really, but my way makes more sense.

    Not really.

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