Yes, Harper’s a dick. You were saying?

On the one hand, it’s unlikely that anything Harper has done or will do as Prime Minister could produce the same stink of malfeasance as typical Eau de Chretien.

(Am I the only one in the world who remembers Andrew Coyne’s magnificent summation of the Grand-Mère Inn scandal? Including Andrew himself? He made a pretty good case that the corruption was so pervasive that the RCMP dropped the case even as they were announcing that the Prime Minister of Canada had been framed for defrauding the Canadian government. Maybe a couple of red tunics showed up at Andrew’s door, and that’s why he let the story die too. No link to provide to what he wrote – this was in The National Post circa 1997 or so.)

On the other hand, if your only defense is that “Chretien used to do shit like this all the time” then you’re doing it wrong. Especially if there’s a C after your name on the roll call. Have some friggin’ dignity, man.


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