Not a Prayer, Red

I love that this asshole is doesn’t seem have a problem getting in bed with an admitted front group for lunatic fundamentalists (who stand against his every progressive principle, from women’s equality to not executing gays and Jews and uppity infidels as a simple matter of course) so as to receive the private funding needed to continue broadcasting programs that mirror his disdain for the real terrorists: those frumpy, ballcap-wearing retirees with home-made signs who are concerned about high taxes, who he caricatures, ironically, as ‘fundamentalists’. I suppose, if there’s no market for your product and your paycheck depends on government funding, then tax cuts probably do inspire terror, at least in the very small, effete circles in which you travel.
Tea partiers are guntoting fundamentalists intent on destroying the American way of life, in his esteem. So what impulses exactly do the Muslim Brotherhood represent in his view of the world? Some sort of “give the world a hug” Arab equivalent of the Peace Corps?
Two pieces of advice for Red: 1) get used to it – your hero Obama has so thoroughly decimated the economy that public funding for public radio will probably end up being cut sooner rather than later and 2) learn to speak Arabic – it’s considered a courtesy in South Asia to address your future paymasters in the language they’re most comfortable with.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and vice versa. Good to know which side NPR has declared for, for future reference.
Why not let them know which side you’re on?


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  2. mart2011 says:

    Thanks for the link, stranger.

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