Do you want to know what a “gaffe” is, thestar?

A gaffe is misinterpreting what you’re opponent said about a single individual in another country as applying generally to your own constituents.
A gaffe is misinterpreting a joke about a drug addled celebrity as being an attack on drug addicts generally.
A gaffe is running with the assumption that your constituents give half a shit about enforcing PC terms when discussing drug addicts.
A gaffe is hoping your mischaracterizations about things that don’t matter to the people who elected you will save your seat while your hangdog loser of a Premier steers your party straight into oblivion.
Hudak made a joke, and people laughed and nobody gave a shit. I personally cringe reading it, not because I’m genuinely concerned about treating drug abusers with kid gloves, but because the joke sucked.
The gaffe happened when Dwight Duncan opened his yap to defend people who weren’t attacked, from a joke that shouldn’t have made it past the floor of Queen’s Park. And then again, when you published this story anyway.
Hope that clears things up. You might want to make a note in your style book or something.


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