Dear Obama

You know you’re officially a Presidential fuckup when France makes your foreign policy look weak, indecisive and capricious.
Note to future self: no good can come of a President who’s first act of international relations is to give a cheap, trendy toy loaded with his own vain self-regard to the elderly foreign monarch who heads America’s oldest European ally. We have a precedent now.
When Obama was elected America crossed it’s racial Rubicon, and that’s a blessing, but who would have thought they’d end up with a weaker-willed personality in the White House than Carter in the bargain? Who would have dreamt that was even possible?

Update: I mean, weren’t we all sort of hoping Obama would end up being more like this guy?

Update 2: Even better, like this guy.


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Everything about me is a fabrication. I'm a self-made man.
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