Michael Moore publicly advocates theft

He doesn’t call it that, because in his delusional, morally inverted little world what he’s adv0cating is completely appropriate and above board.

What I want is for Michael Moore to put up or shut up. I’m sure his drecky little films have netted him a pretty impressive pile of filthy lucre from his idiot fellow travellers. I want him to bundle every cent of it up forthwith for deposit with the Federal Treasury; if the earnings of the mega-rich like himself are to be nationalized, why not start at the at home?

Until then all this phony us-vs.-them bullshit where he pretends he’s still a struggling, independent film maker from the Rust Belt on the side of the little guy* is only so much Aerosmith hypocrisy.

*with the role ‘little guy’ being played by the professional bruisers from the Teamsters and the UAW

(Side notes: 1) androgynous old white people trying to rap is always fucking horrible. 2) If there was a megafuckwads category on this blog Michael Moore would own it.)


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Everything about me is a fabrication. I'm a self-made man.
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