Think about that.

So you’re a store owner in Madison who happens to support Republican initiatives enough to send them a little money.

And you get a letter in the mail from the heads of the police and fire associations, letting you know that if you don’t stand up and renounce your support for the elected Governor and elected lawmakers in the state legislature they intend to “boycott” your business.

What form will this boycott take? On paper I’m sure it’s some polite refusal to purchase goods and services, but judging by the great job police have been doing to keep the exhuberances of their unionist fellow travellers in check, who knows how far they might go to “boycott” a business: ‘You got an emergency? Let me check the list. Oh, that’s a shame. You’ve been re-assigned out of our protection area. Why don’t you give your precious Governor a call? Har har har.’

Unionist Democrat thugs have surrounded the state legislature with a culture of intimidation and lawlessness and issued death threats, and now the police have responded by issuing congruent threats of their own.

Be forewarned. This isn’t an anomaly. This scenario will play out again and again, as State governments across the US are forced to deal with fiscsal reality.

And I’m willing to bet, that when one of these unwound socialist nutcases finally does cross the line and fulfill the promises the more cautious thugs have been making anonymously, there will be no intimations made on CNN that this is somehow the fault of union thuggery or Democratic party ‘activism’.


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