In which Michael Ignatieff jumps the shark

Question: if proposing closer security ties and an improved border situation with the US “may end up betraying Canadian values”, how would Canadian ‘values’ be impacted by our electing as Prime Minister a man who quit the country almost as quickly as his professional career began, and only returned when it looked like he might have a shot at gliding straight into the PMO on the strong wings of his sheer personal magnificence?

Does he even think about the whole ‘personal baggage’ angle before implying that Stephen Harper wants to make us too American?

Because I mean, if not, and this is the sort of unforced error we’d be looking at on a regular basis under the next Liberal government, I’m just wondering sort of cheap electronic crap he plans to give to the Queen to celebrate his swearing-in. (You’d think Iggy would be positively giddy to promote a closer relationship between the PMO and The One, when they have so much in common.)


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