And Another Thing

Gabe has done his usual excellent job laying out the latest Dem criminality, but I thought I’d just add one more point, posed as a question:

Wouldn’t people so close to the action in the realm of electoral politics know that there was a high likelyhood their actions would be quickly discovered, as indeed they were? In other words, wouldn’t they be familiar with the processes of running for office, of the various notifications and whatnot, on top of the high penalties that were likely to accrue when, not if, they were caught?

I suppose this disconnect could be attributed to plain stupidity, which in itself says something about the party they represented (but nothing new to readers of this blog).

The darker, more conspiratorial take, is that they knew they would be caught but figured the authorities were all fellow Democrats who would do their duty and look the other way, or just let the matter drop if a way couldn’t be found to keep imaginary decoys on the ballot to fool foolish Teabagger fools.

You know, the way they always do.


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