O Brother, Where Art Thou?

It’s interesting to watch as the French government and people, still being the same self-interested Euroninnies they’ve always been, have lately managed to outclass Obama and his core supporters  in just about every embarassing way possible.

In keeping with that theme, today we learn that a French owned company will be suing the Service Employees International Union under America’s federal RICO laws, which were created as a way to combat organized crime. Allow me to clarify in case that went by too fast:

A company headquartered in France (motto:”To the barricades!!!”).

Is suing a union.

For being too aggressively thuggish.

The French appear to be angling to take the place of America as the true heirs of Reagan*. First Libya, now America’s union overreach problem.

If Sarkozy gives an inspirational speech in front of the DMZ between North and South Korea in the next few years we’ll know we’re officially through the looking glass.

*And vice versa, with the US as heirs to Petain.

(Via Ace of Spades.)


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