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Sun News

The people who were pre-protesting “Faux News North” were naturally a bunch of unreasonable hysterics. Now that the channel is up and running it resembles every other Canadian 24 hour news channel, just without the naked partisan water carrying for the Liberals … Continue reading

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How Perfect Is This?

I first encountered Die Antwoord a year or so ago, and one of my first reactions was that they seemed like the cast of a Harmony Korine movie come to life. So how perfect is this?

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Um, What?

Does anyone remember last year, when Arizona passed a State law requiring police to check the ID of people caught committing a crime, and everyone on the left went absolutely apeshit over the RACISM? Yeah, me neither, but I have … Continue reading

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Tech Installment

New type of auto engine in the offing. Developing.

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Management Time

A great read by Matthew Stewart at the Atlantic Monthly online about the value (or the lack thereof) of an MBA. This article is a great touchstone for any number of arguments about the value of education over experience (and … Continue reading

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Canada Votes 2011

The Vancouver Sun has a pretty comprehensive list of the issues being hashed out in Canadian politics these days and compares the Liberal and Conservative (Canada’s two largest parties) platforms on those issues. Handy for those who aren’t familiar with … Continue reading

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Yeah, well Staffan de Mistura can go fuck himself

Here’s the score: a preacher at an obscure little church in Florida (the only State to have it’s own category on Fark) decides to make a name for himself by advertising an event at his church where members will purchase … Continue reading

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