In The End, They’re Never Called “Death Panels”

And there’s no “star chamber” scenario. No, instead it’s almost always one or two pleasant doctors pulling you aside in their white, official looking  jackets, explaining in quiet, sympathetic tones that your loved one really can’t be helped and probably doesn’t have much longer anyway, and besides the quality of their life has deteriorated to the point that they’re only suffering now, and maybe the best “option” is to just let them go, you know, for everyone’s benefit but really mostly for the benefit of the person dying, if you think about it. Sign here.

In other cheery socialized medicine news, the NHS is taking the whole rationing concept of publicly funded care to dizzying new heights. And yes, this sort of thing happens here in Canada too, no matter what Obama’s nutty cheerleaders on the NYT op-ed page claim to know about the issue.

(Both items via Best of the Web. Scroll to the middle of the page for additional analysis.)


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