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Sun News

The people who were pre-protesting “Faux News North” were naturally a bunch of unreasonable hysterics. Now that the channel is up and running it resembles every other Canadian 24 hour news channel, just without the naked partisan water carrying for the Liberals … Continue reading

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Canada Votes 2011

The Vancouver Sun has a pretty comprehensive list of the issues being hashed out in Canadian politics these days and compares the Liberal and Conservative (Canada’s two largest parties) platforms on those issues. Handy for those who aren’t familiar with … Continue reading

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Yeah, well Staffan de Mistura can go fuck himself

Here’s the score: a preacher at an obscure little church in Florida (the only State to have it’s own category on Fark) decides to make a name for himself by advertising an event at his church where members will purchase … Continue reading

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In The End, They’re Never Called “Death Panels”

And there’s no “star chamber” scenario. No, instead it’s almost always one or two pleasant doctors pulling you aside in their white, official looking  jackets, explaining in quiet, sympathetic tones that your loved one really can’t be helped and probably … Continue reading

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Rex Murphy on Obama

Fuckin’ Rex, eh? Why do I even bother?* *Rex is awesome, and I try to emulate his work because guys like him are so damn inspiring when a situation begs for clarity. (Via Instapundit, of course, because who better to go to … Continue reading

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In which Michael Ignatieff jumps the shark

Question: if proposing closer security ties and an improved border situation with the US “may end up betraying Canadian values”, how would Canadian ‘values’ be impacted by our electing as Prime Minister a man who quit the country almost as … Continue reading

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Japan Update: Worst Case Scenario Rapidly Becoming Reality

Oh fuck me. Seriously, does anyone know where to buy that iodine shit you drink after you’ve been exposed to radiation? Because when the core from this plant melts down into the water table the result will be an enormous … Continue reading

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