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Sunday Arts Section

In review: The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Plays Zappa. Featuring Bill Eddins as “The Central Scrutinizer”, and Ike Willis and Ed Mann as “guys who actually played with The Maestro”. Purists demand what often amounts to the impossible; true fans appreciate … Continue reading

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Meh. White People All Look The Same.

I mean, really, when you think about it. Light posting yesterday because the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra played Zappa last night and I was required to be there. Not by the ESO or anything, but by DESTINY. I had a bunch … Continue reading

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Aside from quibbling that graffiti writing, be a criminal activity, has no artistic merit under any circumstances regardless of the ‘quality’ of the product, I only have one follow up question directed at those in city governments across the world … Continue reading

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In Which I Make Fun of a Cop, &cetera

The picture at the link is a story in itself. When you see that cop do you feel safer, or do you feel like the entire culture of safety as crossed a line into self-parody? I’m definitely in the latter … Continue reading

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