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Um, What?

Does anyone remember last year, when Arizona passed a State law requiring police to check the ID of people caught committing a crime, and everyone on the left went absolutely apeshit over the RACISM? Yeah, me neither, but I have … Continue reading

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Yeah, well Staffan de Mistura can go fuck himself

Here’s the score: a preacher at an obscure little church in Florida (the only State to have it’s own category on Fark) decides to make a name for himself by advertising an event at his church where members will purchase … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Race

Seriously though, if Sarko keeps this shit up he’s going to make Obama look bad or something. (Via AoSHQ.) (This is an ironic post, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t note the sacrifice of the 300 or so workers who … Continue reading

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The Partisan’s Credo

I am an empty vessel. I have no ideas and no intiatives of my own to enact. My only actions are in reaction to whatever my opponents have done. My only stance is to stand against my opponents’ positions. I … Continue reading

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One Down. Several Tens Of Thousands To Go.

George Monbiot (!) on why the Fukushima situation has convinced him to support new nuclear developments. Pull quote: A crappy old plant with inadequate safety features was hit by a monster earthquake and a vast tsunami. The electricity supply failed, knocking … Continue reading

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And Another Thing

Gabe has done his usual excellent job laying out the latest Dem criminality, but I thought I’d just add one more point, posed as a question: Wouldn’t people so close to the action in the realm of electoral politics know that … Continue reading

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Think about that.

So you’re a store owner in Madison who happens to support Republican initiatives enough to send them a little money. And you get a letter in the mail from the heads of the police and fire associations, letting you know … Continue reading

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