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Japan Update: Worst Case Scenario Rapidly Becoming Reality

Oh fuck me. Seriously, does anyone know where to buy that iodine shit you drink after you’ve been exposed to radiation? Because when the core from this plant melts down into the water table the result will be an enormous … Continue reading

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Think about that.

So you’re a store owner in Madison who happens to support Republican initiatives enough to send them a little money. And you get a letter in the mail from the heads of the police and fire associations, letting you know … Continue reading

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We threaten death, in the name of CIVILITY!!

Remember a while ago, there was some big to-do in Tucson, and all the media bigshots and Democrats (but I repeat myself) got on their pedestals to proclaim their desire for a new civility? Based of course on their own … Continue reading

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Damn It Feels Good To Be A Dhimmi

1) Set up a no-go zone for the infidels from the Dar al-Harb. 2) ??? 3) Profit! Fill in the blanks. Coming soon to a Western Civilization near you!

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Michael Moore Likes Sausage

I thought this might be a reference to sodomy among the morbidly obese . But no, apparently it’s about food. So.

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