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The people who were pre-protesting “Faux News North” were naturally a bunch of unreasonable hysterics. Now that the channel is up and running it resembles every other Canadian 24 hour news channel, just without the naked partisan water carrying for the Liberals and progressivism generally. It’s actually even more laid back than I would have expected.  For the most part it’s almost exactly like City TV news.

That being said, doesn’t this character look like Paul Bernardo?

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How Perfect Is This?

I first encountered Die Antwoord a year or so ago, and one of my first reactions was that they seemed like the cast of a Harmony Korine movie come to life. So how perfect is this?

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Um, What?

Does anyone remember last year, when Arizona passed a State law requiring police to check the ID of people caught committing a crime, and everyone on the left went absolutely apeshit over the RACISM? Yeah, me neither, but I have this weird half-memory of such magnificent municipalities as San Fransisco declaring embargoes against their fellow citizens, because insisting that criminals have proper documentation was just a bridge too far.


(Via AoSHQ.)

Update: Related.

Update 2: Instapundit notes other related ironies.

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Tech Installment

New type of auto engine in the offing.


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Management Time

A great read by Matthew Stewart at the Atlantic Monthly online about the value (or the lack thereof) of an MBA. This article is a great touchstone for any number of arguments about the value of education over experience (and any number of similar topics for discussion). So, it could serve as the starting point for a lot of thinking. It’s a longish read but well worth it.

Speaking of time, sorry it’s been so long since posting. I realize I’m essentially apologizing to myself and that I’m not really sorry. So.

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Canada Votes 2011

The Vancouver Sun has a pretty comprehensive list of the issues being hashed out in Canadian politics these days and compares the Liberal and Conservative (Canada’s two largest parties) platforms on those issues. Handy for those who aren’t familiar with or don’t normally care about public policy issues of concern in the snowy North.

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Yeah, well Staffan de Mistura can go fuck himself

Here’s the score: a preacher at an obscure little church in Florida (the only State to have it’s own category on Fark) decides to make a name for himself by advertising an event at his church where members will purchase used copies of the Koran, which will then be burned at a ceremony open to the public. This event is almost completely ignored by everyone until General David Patraeus wisely announces to the entire world that Americans burning the Koran is frowned upon in Muslim countries, elevating the event to international news. The Obama Administration doubles down on this wisdom by making the goings-on at a 60 member church in the middle of nowhere a top priority. Eventually the pastor of the church realizes that the whole shit show is completely out of hand and backs away.

Meanwhile, the abominable nutties at the Westboro Baptist Church go ahead and publicly burn their own Koran on the specified day, which the media and the Muslim world roundly ignore.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, give or take a few days. Terry Jones and his followers have a change of heart and decide to burn their Koran(s?) anyway. Almost nobody in the western world notices, but somehow world gets out to Hamid Karzai, our “friend” who runs Afghanistan, who re-elevates the story to a major international scandal because his own political fortunes might get a bump from his igniting another round of homicidal Muslim outrage.

And so two weeks after the burning occurred a mosque in Afghanistan empties out after Friday prayers, and a mob of 3000 death cult devotees storm a nearby UN compound, killing 4 of 6 guards and murdering 7 international aid workers inside.

And so of course Staffan de Mistura, the UN representative for Afghanistan, blames the deaths on the obscure little pastor from Florida:

Mr de Mistura blamed Mr Jones for provoking the violence which led to the killing of seven UN employees on Friday, and which spread throughout Afghanistan over the weekend. Twenty-two people have lost their lives since protests erupted in Mazar-i-Sharif on Friday, including two policemen who were killed in clashes in Kandahar on Sunday.

Speaking on his return to Kabul from Mazar-i-Sharif, Mr de Mistura said he had been shocked by what he had seen. His staff had been shot and stabbed to death as they tried to flee in terror through a dark building from a marauding mob.

They had retreated to a bunker after some of the 3,000 protesters overran the compound, killing four of six Gurkha guards. He believed the killings had been carried out by up to 15 insurgents carrying handguns, who had infiltrated the mob.

[Emphasis mine.]

Right. “Protestors”. Is that really the way you want to go, folks? Because I’d be happy to equate the so called “anarchists” who trash cop cars in Toronto with wanton, rampaging murderers in Asia, and especially happy if our authorities would take the same view and treat them accordingly. I’d love see our own rabble treated with all the respect that a murderous mob deserves, which is none.

Anyway, I love that the asshat Mistura is ready to convict a nobody in Florida for the crimes of a mob on the other side of the world even as he absolves the mob from responsibility based on nothing more than his sincere hope that storming the compound was a peaceful act spoiled by a few bad apples.

Staffan de Mistura can go fuck himself. This is what these people in these little hellhole countries do, it’s what they are, and all the kudos for these incidents belongs entirely to them. And we should calibrate our future involvement with them accordingly.

 Afghanistan is an African Lion Safari full of wild animals who will kill you if you give them a chance. Don’t get out of your vehicles, and don’t try to feed them through the windows. And if somehow they escape the little enclosures we build for them, shoot to kill.

I supported our involvement in Afghanistan in the belief that we needed to root out the Taliban primarily for our own protection, and secondarily in the hope that we could provide the people the breathing room they needed to build a modern nation state. I realize now that there is nothing but Taliban in Afghanistan and all hope is wasted on these people.

Canada out of Afghanistan now.

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